Forensic, Crime Scene And Criminal Investigation Supplies and Forensic Product Training


Optimum Technology represents a number of suppliers of Forensic Products and Criminal Investigation Products: SIRCHIE, Albryco, TekTite, Kjell Carlson.

We also manufacture and supply: Forensic Solutions, Forensic Casting Materials, Customised Fingerprint Kits, Customised Crime Scene Kits, Forensic Light CSI Kits and Components. Please let us know your needs.

We are committed to bring you the best quality forensic products at the lowest possible prices. We value our customers by providing friendly service, right advice, quick order dispatch and delivery. Any issue with products and orders we will try to resolve as quickly as possible.

We also provide Forensic Product Demonstrations and Forensic Products Training. We can offer 2 to 5 day professional workshops in:

Application of Light in Forensic Science (including Light Theory, Gathering Information Using Light, Polilight, Forensic Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Detection of Body Fluids, Sequences For General Crime Scene Examination)
Latent Fingermark Detection Techniques (Including Formulations, Recording of Developed Fingermarks, and Fingermark Detection Sequences)