Fingerprint Brushes

Excellent quality Squirrel Hair mop type brushes are specially made for Optimum Technology.   They are available in four sizes: clean out; No. 2; No. 4; No. 6 and No. 8.  Each brush is packed in a clear protective tube to avoid cross contamination and ensure long life.  We keep them in stock at all times for immediate delivery.

OSQC Clean out:
OSQ4 Mop No. 4:
OSQ6 Mop No. 6:
OSQ8 Mop No. 8:

Clean out    No. 2    No. 4    No. 6   No. 8

We also keep in stock quality fiberglass brushes, and magnetic applicators.

OFGLSS Fiberglas brush
OMAPL Magnetic applicator OPTIMUM

OFGLS  Fiberglas brush

OMAPL- Magnetic applicator