Forensic Casting Materials

Mikrosil, the finest tool mark casting material in forensic science

The Mikrosil has been developed to give good rendering of small details, good contrast for microscopical observation, good releasing ability for the cast, and short setting time. These properties are of special importance in cases of very shallow marks especially marks with small details, requiring large magnifications. Magnifications up to 70 times are possible to achieve without interfering the material texture.  Mikrosil comes in two parts; the basic and the hardenerEqual lengths of both parts are mixed together between 30 seconds and 1 minute. When mixture begins to thicken, it should be applied within one minute. The setting time is approximately 6 minutes. Mikrosil does not stick to any surface except to itself.

#MSILG  Mikrosil grey, 200g
#MSILB Mikrosil brown, 200g
#MSILBL or MSILW Mikrosil black or white, 200g

Laboratory tests have shown that in many cases comparison of Mikrosil casts is often better than direct comparison of marks.

Mikrosil is available in four colours:  brown, grey, white and black. We recommend brown Mikrosil for general toolmarks examination, grey for forensic armoury, white and black for print lifting after dusting from difficult surfaces. We keep all colours in stock available for immediate delivery.


Mikrosil comparison (left) with another ‘sil’ (right)


AccuTrans-casting silicone (polyvinylsiloxane) comes as dual 75ml cartridge. Cartridge is inserted in a dispensing gun, and a mixing tip is fixed at the cartridge. Buy pressing the trigger, accutrans is extruded equally from both cartridges, and mixed through mixing tip. Mixed accutrans is spread over the area of interest. A wide spreader is available for larger areas. Setting time 5-8 minutes. Once set accutrans stay flexibile keeping the finest details. Accutrans is available in brown, black, white and clear.

Accutrans cartridge, mixing gun, mixing tips
and spreaders.

Accutrans Kit 1 with carry case.

Accutrans refill cartridge
Accutrans refill pack of 4 cartridges
Dispensing Gun
Mixing Tips (40)
Wide Spreader (40)
#ACCUTI-Accutrans Kit I
Contains: dispensing gun, 2x75ml cartridges, 20 mixing tips, 8 wide spreaders, polymer carry case.
#ACCUTII-Accutrans Kit II
Contains: dispensing gun, 4xcartridges, 40 mixing tips, 16 wide spreaders, polymer carry case.

Opti Stone

Opti Stone, the finest casting material available to date, is suitable for shoe or tyre impression casting. It comes in convenient single use 800 grams pack (shoe pack), enough for casting of one shoe print. For tyre casting use 4-6 packs. Instruction is printed on each pack. Setting time 6-10 minutes.

#OSTN800 1-19  Opti-Stone, 800g
#OSTN800 20+ Opti-Stone, 800g

Opti-Stone 800g


Forensic Sil – New and Improved Forensic sil Now Available


Forensic Sil is an excellent material for making details imprints for tools marks, finger marks and bite marks.

Foresnicl Sil is :

  •  – Non toxic (thixotropic polyvinyl siloxane)
  • – Quick and very simple application
  • – Suitable for comparison with imprints made earlier
  • – Constant mixing ratio by use of mixing tip
  • – Flexible and shrinkproof, dimensionally stable
  • – During and after no by-products (moisture) are produced


 Forensic Sil Gun                       Forensic Sil Cartridges and Tips