SIRCHIE has a large range of Conventional, Magnetic and Fluorescent Powders to suit any application.  To cut the cost, we import in bulk most common powders and pack them in various sizes: 70 ml; 160 ml & 250 ml.   Other sizes, eg. bulk-packs 470ml or 3,840ml, are available upon request.

          70ml         160ml         260ml

Conventional Black Powder known as ‘OPTI-BLACK’ has been specially prepared by SIRCHIE for Optimum Technology.  This powder develops black latent prints with excellent clarity, yet is heavy enough so it does not fly around during brush application.

Inexpensive conventional white powder known as ‘OPTI-WHITE’ is specially prepared for Optimum Technology by an Australian manufacturer.  OPTI-WHITE has already been accepted by most Australian Police Forces.

OB80 Opti-Black 80g, 160ml jar
OB130 Opti-Black 150g, 250ml jar
OB128 Opti-black 128 oz, (~3.8L) jar
OW80 Hadonite 90g, 160ml jar
OW140 Hadonite, 170g, 260ml jar
OW128 Hadonite, 4.0kg bucket



Fluorescent powders

Fluorescent Latent Print Powders are suitable for smaller items, eg bottles, cans etc., or multicoloured non-fluorescent surfaces where high sensitivity is required.  Fluorescent powders are available as conventional or magnetic.

On the right is shown development of latent prints on a coloured semi-glossy magazine: 1 & 3 viewed under white light; 2 & 4 the same prints viewed in fluorescent mode .

Fluorescent Powders are excellent for enhancement of cyanoacrylate developed prints on semi-porous surfaces, when liquid staining is not possible to be used.

Optimum Technology stocks inexpensive Blue (470nm) LED torches suitable for excitation of many fluorescent powders.

GFLM125 Greencharge latent print powder, 125 g
GFLM250 Greencharge latent print powder, 250 g
RFLM125 Redcharge latent print powder, 125 g
RFLM250 Redcharge latent print powder, 250 g





Wet Powders

Developed by Kjell Carlson Innovation in Sweden two Wet Powders, Black and White, are coming to the Australian forensic market.  Wet Powder is a form of thick powder (black or white) suspension in a wetting mixture.  They represent an excellent alternative for development of latent prints on adhesive side of tape.  These powders can successively be used for development of latent prints on polyethylene bags.

Convenient features:

• Pre-mixed suspension, no messy powder mixing. 

• Ready to be used straight from a bottle.

• Result in excellent ridge details.

• Two colours available to cover all possible situations.

• Indefinite shelf life.

WPB250 Wet Powder Black:
WPW250 Wet Powder White:


Latent print on black plastic developed with white wet powder