Narcotics Analysis Reagents (NARK) Kits

Presumptive Field Testing Reagents for Drug Identification

Please note: We keep in stock most of drug testing kits. Delivery for ex-stock items 3-5 working days from recipient of an order.  Delivery for non-stock items 4-6 weeks from recipient of an order.

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Cat. No Description of goods
NARK2001 Marquis Reagent, Amphetamines/Methamhetamine, Heroin/Morphine, MDMA(Ecstasy), Box of 10
NARK2002 Nitric Acid Reagent, Diferentiate Heroin/Morphine, box of 10
NARK2003 Dille-Koppanyi, Barbiturates, Box of 10
NARK2004 Ehrlich Reagent, LSD, Box of 10
NARK2005 NARKII™ Test 05-Duquenois-Levine/ Box of 10
NARK2006 Acid Neutralizer NARKII
NARK2007 Scott Reagent (Modified), Cocaine Salts, Cocaine Base, Crack, 10 ea
NARK2008 Methadone, Methadone, Box of 10
NARK2009 PCP, Methaqualone, PCP&Methaqualone, Box of 10
NARK20010 Special Opiates Reagent (Mecke), Codeine, Heroin, Morphine, 10 ea
NARK20011 Mecke’s (Modified), all Heroin, Box of 10
NARK20012 Talwin (Pentazocine), Talwin, Box of 10
NARK20013 Ephedrine, Ephederine, Pseudoephederine, Box of 10
NARK20014 Valium, Rohypnol, Valium, Rohypnol, Box of 10
NARK20015 Sodium Nitroprusside Reagent, Methamphetamine & MDMA, 10 ea
NARK20016 Progressive Identification Card
NARK20017 Progressive ID Wall Chart
NARK20018 Drug Field test Results Log
NARK20019 Mayer’s Reagent, Narcotics Alkaloids, Box of 10
NARK20020 KN Reagent(Fast Blue B Salt), Marijuana, THC (green plant&Seeds), 10 ea
NARK20021 NARKII™ Test 21-GHB Reagent/ Box of 5
NARK20022 Mandelin Reagent, Methadone, Amphetamines/ Methamphetamine  10 per box
NARK20024 MDPV Reagent/ 10 per box
NARK20025 MDPV Reagent/ 10 per box
NARK200BK Narcotics Analysis Belt Kit
NARK200CD Customs Kit
NARK2001K International Kit
NARK200MEG Mega Kit
NARK200MK Master Kit
NARK200N Acid Neutralizer, 0.5oz (15gm) / 10 per box
NARK200PK Port-A-Kit
NARK200VC Video Case Kit