Arson Residue Extraction

From Albrayco Laboratories Optimum Technology is bringing to the Australian Forensic market Activated Charcoal Strips, that can be used for arson residues.

Single charcoal strip is 9mm x 20mm. Charcoal strips are coming as 100 strips packed in a sealed glass bottle.

#ACS100 Charcoal strips, 100 pack

Charcoal strip
9mm x 20mm

100 strips Pack

Shoe Photography Kit

Shoe photography kit consists of a shoe holder that can be adjusted through a steel ball, a ruler with a stand, and a plate that can be mounted on the shoe holder for photography of shoe impressions.


Dust Print Lifting Film

Optimum Technology keeps in stock at all times, Mylar dust print lifting film, that can be used to lift shoe impressions from virtually any surface using electrostatic dust print lifting machine.

#DPLF30 0.4 m wide x 30.0 m length

Ink Foils

Optimum Technology keeps in stock at all times, quality ink foils DURESTER, suitable for taking fingerprint/palm impression in classical fingerprint ink.. Two sizes are available: 7.5cm x 25cm, and 15cm x 25cm.

Ink foils are convenient method for taking elimination prints when live scan is not available.

#DUR7525 Ink foils, 7.5cm x 25cm, 400 pack.
#DUR1525 Ink foils, 15cm x 25cm, 200 pack.

Attached Case Magnifier

A quality, yet inexpensive, pocket type glass magnifier, with magnification 2x, diameter 5cm.

#ACM427 Attached case magnifier



Telescopic Inspecting Mirror

For visualising/recording prints on those hard to reach places.

#IM557 Inspecting mirror


Acid Yellow 7 (Brilliant Sulfaflavine)

Acid Yellow 7 has been recently introduced into forensic market a an excellent protein stain for blood. Produces excellent result on dark no-porous surfaces. Requires blue light (450/470nm) for excitation with yellow/orange goggles.

#ACY710G Acid yellow 7 crystals, 10 grams
#ACY710G  Acid yellow 7 crystals, 20 grams

Single use acid yellow 7 solution is also available. Please call for pricing.


Physical Developer

Optimum Technology manufacture physical developer reagent using the purest chemicals available. Physical developer reacts with sebaceous component of latent prints, and it is the only reagent to develop latent prints on porous surfaces that have been wet. It is freshly prepared upon your request. Shelf life two years.

#OPD1000 Redox +Silver Nitrate, 1litr pack

Maleic acid solution is also available upon request.

#OMAC1000 Maleic acid, 1 litre


PD stock solutions

Crime Scene and Fingerprint kits

Custom made crime scene & fingerprint kits are available from Optimum Technology.  Please contact our representatives to help you to design your kit. Kits are coming in a waterproof ABS case.Price depends on content of the kit.
Please call for a quotation.

Fluoromagnetic powder kits

Various fluromagnetic kits based on fluorescent magnetic powders are manufactured by Optimum Technology. Every kit contains a blue LED light source (470n), magnetic applicator(s), orange goggle(s), two fluoromagnetic powders, black and white magnetic powder, ceramic fingerprint pad, and magnifying glass.Kits are coming in aluminium cases with foam inserts. Two cases are available small and large.

Prices depend of size, and content of the kit.

An example example of floromagnetic kit.

Cyanoacrylate (CA – Superglue) – Loctite 406

According to performed test this is the best for CA developed fingerprints in the CA chambers.