Development of latent fingermarks on porous surfaces

1,2 Indanedione

Range of indanediones were first synthesized as intermediates for preparation of ninhydrin analogues by Professor Madeline Joulliet and her post-graduate students Dr Diane Hauze and Dr Olga Petrovskaia from University of Pennsylvania.  Common property of all indanediones is that they develop latent prints on paper with pink colour and strong photoluminescence at room temperature.

1,2 Indanedione has been trialled for over 10 years with various successes.  Recently Forensic Services of the Australian Federal Police has developed an optimised indanedione working solution. This optimised solution is at least 10 times more sensitive than DFO, showing to be the most sensitive amino acid reagent to date.

#IND10G Indanedione crystals, 10g
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#IND250  Indanedione solution, 250m
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Indanedione crystals

Indanedione solution


Ninhydrin crystals & solution for development of latent fingermarks on paper is available from Optimum Technology

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